Benno and The Bullets in His Belly

Dogs are naturally curious creatures and keeping them as pets entail pet-proofing the house all the time. Since they armed with a strong sense of smell, they have a tendency to roam around and search for the interestingly smelling objects in the house. The most common culprits to get stuck inside the bellies of these precious beasts are wooden scraps, chicken bones, screws, pins, paper clips or threads. Vets decision depends on the nature of ingestion, position of the foreign body and the material it is made of. Though and most if the time these are emergency cases. But what if your pooch taken on a bullet as his snack? And what if it is more than just one bullet – but twenty three? Meet Benno, the bullet eating dog in Arkansas..
Benno is a four year old Belgian Malinois and according to his owner, really has an appetite for many many things. This curious guard dog is always on the look out for whatever he finds “appetizing”, even though sometimes he prefers objects which will not even pass for appetizer – because mainly, they are not food. Today, he decided to take on his owner’s .308 caliber shells. According to Mr. Larry Brassfield, Benno didn’t exhibit problems immediately. Actually he still has his appetite the whole day and acted nothing out of the ordinary. Only the following day he vomited 5 bullets and Larry had to take him to the vet. Dr. Sexton, Benno’s attending veterinarian was all amazement and surprise when the xray showed more bullets inside of Benno. The dog went immediately through operation where 16 were found inside his stomach! And another 2 on his esophagus. We may never know how bullets taste but Benno has surely has preference for them. Luckily, he was able to go through the surgery safely and all the bullets were removed. As much relief Larry has right now, he is still bracing himself for more munchy adventures of Benno. He already tried everything to dog proof the house, but Benno will always find something. Only God knows what will he eat next! Well, we can just hope it is not as scary as bullets.

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